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"I received my order of the 3 CDs yesterday. I'm very happy with the way they sound. The strings (high notes) are nice and sharp again. That I'm very happy about. Thanks for doing a good fast job! It feels good to be able to have some favorite hard-to-find songs on a CD finally. You never know, one day they may stop making turntables all together. So many songs are lost, hidden and forgotten already. The radios rarely play songs things that are very rare or unusual but usually stick to the very popular ones only. The LP covers printed with good color. I'm glad you have that service available also since it really adds to the CD packaging ( helps create the original LP memory). By the way, yes all labels are correct on the CDs. They also look good on the CD........ especially when they are labeled with a title of importance to the listener. (like me). For example, the one I called "Vocal Backgrounds By:"........ helps tell me in advance the mood & sound of that CD mix. A lot of these extra things are needed for the personal effect for the listener. You faded out the "extra" song in the perfect spot on the tape that I had timed incorrectly. Good choice! "

Our Noise Reduction Philosophy

We restore all recordings according to the following principles:

  • We try to restore the sound to match the original sound of the master tapes, at the time when the recording was made.
  • If the original recording was "analog", we will master the CD leaving the "analog" sound of the music.  
  • We will respect the judgment of the original sound engineer and not attempt to alter or "enhance" the tonal balance of the music.  We will not "re-mix" the music since we do not have the multi-track original master tapes (and we couldn't do that on a consumer restoration budget anyway).
  • If the recording is a vintage record, we will use the phono equalization that gives the most natural sound.
  • We will attempt to eliminate most of the impulse noises (scratches and clicks) while preserving the highs and the "liveliness" of the recording. We will not attempt to remove remaining noises if removal would cause introduction of artifacts, or a loss of highs and "liveliness".
  • We will not over-treat an entire recording in order to get rid of a bad portion of an otherwise clean sounding recording.  If your recording is very precious and you want all the major pops removed by hand, please write us or call 407-292-1151 to make special arrangements.
  • Please do not request that we re-engineer the sound of a recording.  In order for us to do that we need the original master tapes of the recording and a professional re-mastering budget.
  • Please do not request that we make a recording "perfect" or "mint".  "Perfection" is hard to reach and very expensive...
  • If you have different goals than stated in our Noise Reduction Philosophy, please clear with us the feasibility of your project BEFORE ordering.

Use the "Iinstructions" space on the order form to tell us your preference in noise reduction if your preference differs SLIGHTLY from our Noise Reduction Philosophy.  Acceptance of your preference is at our discretion, subject to technical limitations and your budget.

Please read about Types of Noises Successfully Removed or Diminished

If you have any specific questions or concerns about noise reduction, please email (BEFORE ordering) or call us at 407-292-1151.