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"I have recently received the CD transfer order I had submitted and thought I would pass along my comments. I admit that I had no idea what to expect with regards to the quality of the end product. My assumption was that you would perform some noise reduction and do what you could to make other sonic improvements dictated by the limits of the source material. Since these albums were originally recorded in the mid-sixties, I just hoped for the best. However, what I received far exceeded my expectations. I genuinely could not believe my ears. The improvements were, to say the least, spectacular. I have been listening to them repeatedly this week and I still can't believe these were transferred from conventional vinyl LP's. I don't recall the albums sounding this good even when they were new. The work you did on the Peter Nero & the Boston Pops album was incredible. It sounds as good as any CD I have that was created from the original master tapes. I also appreciated the fact that you kept the "dead-air time" between tracks to a minimum. This was something I used to do when I made tape recordings of my own. I never liked all that wasted time. You are to be commended for doing a truly superb job. Even the cover artwork, right down to the label on the disc itself shows a high degree of commitment to quality. I could not be more satisfied with the results. I certainly will use your services again. I have a number of LP's in my collection that most likely will not be issued on CD's. Now that I know I can have them "professionally done", I will not hesitate to do so. Please convey my appreciation to all those who were involved in the processing of my order. Yours is a first class company. Sincerely; "

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